Get Shaped


Using exclusive products by MAGICSTRIPES and Green & Spring. Green & Spring has sourced many pure and natural ingredients indigenous to the British Isles combining them to create efficacious synergies, organic wherever possible.


The secret of many celebrity beauty regimes, Magicstripes’ Deep Detox mask works wonders. Combining ultra-fine clay particles and the microfiber mask sheet, the mask is a superior cleanser that helps to shape and tighten the skin. Hydrating and clearing, it draws out impurities, removes blackheads and refines pores, making your skin look natural and beautiful.

Deep Cleansing Facial

Designed to increase circulation as well as brighten the skin by incorporating steam, a stimulating scrub and extractions. (65mins)

Hydrating Facial

A full cleanse, tone and massage treatment of the face. Further hydration is achieved through the application of a reviving mask enriched with rose, sea buckthorn and carrot oil which is then covered with a fine layer of beeswax to ensure the face soaks up all the benefits of the mask. (65mins)

Massage Treatments

An incredibly enveloping experience that works to repair body and mind. Gently clearing blocked energy caused by stress and tension. Using a combination of techniques to boost circulation, skin elasticity and release tension.

Back, Neck and Shoulders (30mins)
Full Body Massage (60mins)