Matt Roberts

In The Spotlight: Fitness Guru Matt Roberts

25 Jul 2018

As the UK’s leading personal trainer and best-selling fitness author; Matt Roberts presides over a multifaceted fitness and nutrition empire including three personal training centres, a series of internationally published fitness titles, TV programmes, fitness DVDs, intelligently designed, technologically advanced home exercise equipment and range of nutritional supplements.

His Mayfair branch sits conveniently close to our Nails & Brows boutique and we certainly share a few clients.

When and why did you start your company?

I started the company 22 years ago! The vision for what we do now remains the same as it did then, to deliver first class Personal Training service that surpasses all other available competition and offers an approach the surprises and inspires each client. My own personal role remains as a Trainer to a select number of clients, and my focus is also on making the company continually grow and deliver at the highest level.

What is a typical day for Matt Roberts?

I’m an early riser and like to get emails and organization done first thing, so I’m up around 6 every day and working over breakfast by 6.30. My teenage kids leave for school at 7.30, so we have a catch up and talk about the day before all heading on our way. I see clients from around 7.30 until 1 and then spend the afternoon working on the other business of the company, in my role as CEO.

I work out at the end of the day usually, around 9/10pm for an hour and take a steam at the end of each session. I’m in bed by around midnight and try to get my 6 hours’ sleep!

Why did you choose to get into this line of business?

I’m a natural fan of fitness and sport. I grew up with a pro-footballer father and I was a high-level athlete. My fascination with what makes the body work and perform was inspired in that setting and my desire to create great studios was born from the fact that most gyms are a poor reflection of high standards and the industry is littered with low standard people, this made the sector opportunity obvious.

Are you a fan of male grooming? And if so, what’s your go-to treatment?

I have laser treatment from time to time, I exfoliate regularly and moisturise daily. I believe in skin (on males) ageing gradually rather than trying to defy the entire process.

Fill in the blank:My superpower would be… To read thoughts!

Fill in the blank:The best advice I’ve ever been given is… To be happy!

Fill in the blank: If I was on a desert island the one item couldn’t live without is…  My music because it fulfils any mood.

If you weren’t running a fitness empire, what was your plan B?

I was going to be an architect, I love good design.


Visit Matt Roberts Mayfair here.