In The Spotlight: Sophia Charalambous

28 Jun 2018

Tell us about yourself, your job role and what you like about your job?
As a journalist, who specialises in health and beauty, I often get asked the question, “what does that mean, trying on lipstick?” If you’re reading this piece, then you’re the kind of person who knows there is so much more to the realm of health & beauty than make-up. It is multidisciplinary, encompassing everything from science to art, history, sociology and psychology; appearance is our strongest indicator of what’s happening on the inside.

What is a typical day like for you?
A typical day will always involve questioning and writing. There is always someone to interview, a recording to transcribe and a feature to be written.

How long have you been a client at Nails & Brows and why do you like coming to visit us?
I’ve been a client at Nails & Brows since the first week of opening. Nails & Brows is more than a salon with impeccable services, it is place of solace.


What is your favourite treatment at Nails & Brows and why?
It is hard to choose, but my favourite would have to be the brow threading. There is no service that compares to the signature Audrey brow.

Describe Nails & Brows in three words: Professional, personable, perfectionist.

Fill in the blank: My superpower would be to fly. I will do anything to avoid public transport.

Fill in the blank: The best advice I’ve ever been given is to never give up.

Fill in the blank: If I was on a desert island the one beauty product I couldn’t live without is sunscreen because skin cancer is real, people.