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3 Ways To Have Healthy Nails for Your Wedding Day

9 May 2023

Wedding nails… One of our favourite topics here at Nails and Brows Mayfair! Your left hand will be the centre of attention on your wedding day and throughout the night, so it’s understandable why we strive for the most elegant nails we’ve ever had. 

Keeping your nails healthy in the lead-up to your wedding day can be easily overlooked, so these are our top 3 suggestions for ensuring your nails are in their optimum health on your wedding day! 

1. Use A Cuticle Oil Daily

The secret to growing your best nails is hydration! Which.. isn’t really a secret, but it’s definitely overlooked. Keeping your nail cuticles and beds hydrated is the key to growing healthy and strong nails. We tell our clients to begin using cuticle oil daily in the months leading up to their wedding, specifically, dadi and jojoba are great for nails. Alternatively, any lovely hydrating oils you have around the home like coconut or olive oil are also wonderful at keeping your nail beds hydrated and happy (You don’t need to splurge). 

Alongside keeping your nails hydrated, we suggest ensuring your hands are also being attended to. Keeping your hands moisturised with a rich cream with ingredients like shea butter or cocoa butter coupled with oils will assist in locking in that moisture to ensure supple, glowy hands on your special day. 

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2. Nourish Your Nail Beds

Nourishing your body on the inside will positively impact how nourished your nails are on the outside. There are 2 vitamins specifically however that are wonderful for improving your nail health. Biotin (also known as B8), plays an important role in all things hair, skin and nails. Foods rich in Biotin are eggs, fish, sunflower seeds, organic meat, nuts (specifically walnuts), bananas and sweet potatoes. You can always incorporate a Biotin supplement into your daily routine as well if you find this easier than monitoring what you’re eating. 

Additionally, if you suffer from bumpy, rough nail beds then Folic Acid is the supplement for you! This little wonder ingredient (also known as B9), helps repair and nourishes the cells that make up your nails, giving them a growth spurt alongside promoting overall nail strength and preventing any flaky, peeling mishaps. Foods that are naturally rich in Folic Acid are dark leafy green vegetables (think spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus, romaine lettuce and broccoli), sunflower seeds, beans, fresh fruit, peanuts and seafood. A combination of one or both of these could be a great way to assist speeding up your nail growth. 

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3. Use Natural Nail Products and Opt For Non-Toxic Manicures

In the pursuit of attaining your healthiest nails, avoiding harsh, toxic nail products is a crucial step when trying to grow and strengthen your nails. An easy switch? Avoiding Acetone! It’s found in a large amount of nail polish removers and the harsh chemicals can quickly reverse any progress you’ve made by instantly stripping and drying your nails out. There are loads of gentle yet effective nail polish removers out there for you to make the switch if you’re currently using an Acetone-based one. Look for vitamin E, or any nourishing oils as an ingredient too.  

If you are getting your nails done leading up to your wedding day we recommended getting gentle, non-toxic manicures. At Nails and Brows, we offer non-toxic vegan gel manicures where we use non-toxic gel polish and nourishing cuticle oils. This way you aren’t missing out on having your nails done, yet are maintaining nail health. By taking care of your nails during the healing and repairing phase, you won’t have to compromise on your dream wedding nails. You’ll have the freedom to choose any design, colour or nail art you want without having to hide any nail damage. Start caring for your nails now, and get ready to say hello to the perfect wedding nails!