Meet Sherrille Riley, Founder & CEO

4 Aug 2021

Sherrille Riley

An interview with London’s Best Beauty Salon Owner

 Beauty entrepreneur, Sherrille Riley achieved iconic status as the definitive brow expert after her boutique salon, Nails & Brows Mayfair quickly became the go-to beauty destination for Royalty,  A list celebrities and Beauty Editors. Jamaican-born, Riley launched her eponymous boutique in 2014 after 2 decades of hands-on work as a beautician in London’s luxury beauty salons.

Sherrille carefully developed brow collection, Beauty Edit Mayfair to build on the “Beauty Blueprint,” bringing natural features into harmony and balance to achieve flawless, natural brows. Beauty Edit Mayfair is an exclusive collection of brow styling solutions expertly created to deliver immediate results. Riley’s collection launched in 2017 to rave reviews from beauty editors, influencers and Nails & Brows fan base leading to coverage in Vogue, Daily Mail, Grazia, Sunday Times, Harper’s Bazaar and Hello Magazine.

First things first, talk us through your professional journey prior to starting your businesses?

“I finished my training as a beauty therapist in 1996 and then moved to London from Derbyshire. When I arrived in London I worked for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Mayfair and then moved to Harrods Hair & Beauty Salon shortly after.  I spent 5 years working at Harrods and quickly grew to become a senior beauty therapist where I was chosen to represent La Prairie as a facialist for the brand.  This is where I gained extensive training, knowledge and experience in all areas of beauty products and treatments.

In 2002, I moved to Daniel Hershesons’ Mayfair salon where I owned and directed the treatment area. I offered a wide range of bespoke beauty treatments.  The treatment area was renowned for its exacting standards and during that time my reputation flourished as an expert thanks to great support from the media.”

Tell us about Nails & Brows Mayfair…

“The boutique is a luxury concept nail and brow boutique salon based in the heart of London. We offer a bespoke and expert approach to all treatments and promotes natural beauty. We offer an array of treatments – from manicures, brow and lash treatments, to facials and body treatments.”

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How does Nails & Brows Mayfair differ to other beauty boutiques?

“Nails & Brows Mayfair was the first luxury concept nail and brow boutique salon to open in London. Now there are of course many others but what still sets Nails & Brows Mayfair apart from its competition is the fact that we offer both service and expertise and always look to enhance our client’s natural beautiful features. I have personally handpicked my team of beauty experts and have put each of them through a ‘beauty boot-camp’ training. So I like to think of my therapists as an extension of me.”

What does Beauty mean to you?

“Beauty is confidence and kindness. Being beautiful is being comfortable in your skin and owning every part of you. Being beautiful is being kind to the people around you but also being kind to yourself and taking care of yourself. Most importantly being beautiful is being able to stand in front of the mirror and not pick at every part of your body and remember that you are blessed with your body.”

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Brows have become the centre of beauty trends, what are your thoughts?

“To me brows have always been the biggest part of beauty. As we say, they frame the face, so it is surprising that it took this long to finally be in the limelight. I guess we have the likes of Cara Delevingne to thank for this. I’ve always been inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s eyebrows – I think they are the most classic, universal brow shape. I have created the ‘Audrey Brow Lift’ which is now one of the most demanded treatment at our boutique. The look is a very modern take on the beauty icon’s brows.”

What makes your products different to what’s currently out there? Can you talk me through the process from idea to execution?

“I always wanted to create my own range of products because I couldn’t find a range that was comprehensive and diverse enough. This was my personal struggle as a brow specialist and also for our clients. I started researching the idea but the doors were very closed. I decided to employ a Product Development Manager with a background in cosmetics and science. She took on the whole process from branding to packaging to ingredients and sampling with my specifications. It was all a learning process for me.”

What are some top tips for maintaining healthy, beautiful brows?

“The golden rule is to not touch them, and to leave it to an expert. Most people also forget that brows need care, just like we care for our skin or hair. For healthy, beautiful brows do make sure that you nourish and condition them daily. It’s such an important step that is often overlooked. I recommend using Castor Oil, or if you have sparse brows and are looking to grow them I highly recommend Revitabrow.  I also recommend exfoliating your brows once a week, using a very gentle face exfoliator.”

Furthermore, Sherrille recommends using slanted tweezers to remove any unwanted brow hairs. Focus on removing the hairs sitting on the brow bone to open up the eye area. Avoid taking any hairs from the shape or length of the brow if possible. Once you have done this, use Beauty Edit Mayfair’s Brow Setter to fix the brows in place by brushing the hairs upwards and outwards. The Brow Setter contains castor oil which is great for nourishing and encouraging growth.

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