Summer Beauty Trends

27 Jun 2024

Welcome to Nails & Brows Mayfair, your ultimate destination for bespoke beauty treatments in the heart of Mayfair. As the sun graces us with its warm embrace, it’s time to refresh and rejuvenate your beauty routine with the latest summer trends. At our elegant beauty boutique, we specialise in brow treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and lash treatments, all using a premium range of clean and eco-conscious beauty products. Let’s dive into the top summer beauty trends to keep you looking and feeling fabulous this season.

1. Natural and Fluffy Brows

This summer, the focus is on embracing your natural beauty, starting with your brows. The trend is shifting towards fuller, fluffier brows that enhance your face’s natural features. Our bespoke brow treatments at Nails & Brows Mayfair can help you achieve this effortlessly chic look. Using our award-winning brow range Beauty Edit Mayfair and precision techniques, we’ll shape and groom your brows to perfection, giving you a natural yet polished appearance.

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2. Bright and Bold Nail Colours

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with vibrant nail colours. This season, think tropical hues, neon brights, and pastel shades that pop. Our manicure and pedicure services offer a wide range of premium, non-toxic nail polishes that are both long-lasting and gentle on your nails. Whether you opt for a bold coral, a sunny yellow, or a soft mint green, our expert technicians will ensure your nails are the ultimate summer accessory.

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3. Lash Lifts for Effortless Glamour

Say goodbye to heavy lash extensions and hello to the natural elegance of a lash lift. This summer, the trend is all about enhancing what you have with minimal effort. Our lash treatments at Nails & Brows Mayfair provide a gentle lift and curl to your lashes, making your eyes appear larger and more awake. Combined with a tint, your lashes will look naturally fuller and darker, giving you a glamorous yet effortless look.

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4. Smooth and Silky Skin

Summer calls for smooth, hair-free skin, and our waxing services are here to help. Using the finest waxing products, we offer gentle yet effective waxing treatments that leave your skin feeling silky and soft. From legs and arms to more delicate areas, our skilled technicians ensure a comfortable and precise waxing experience, so you can confidently flaunt your summer wardrobe.

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5. Eco-Friendly Beauty Choices

As we embrace the beauty of summer, it’s important to do so responsibly. At Nails & Brows Mayfair, we pride ourselves on offering a premium range of clean and eco-conscious beauty products. From our nail polishes to our skincare and waxing products, every item is carefully selected to ensure it is gentle on your skin and kind to the environment. This summer, make the switch to sustainable beauty and enjoy treatments that are both luxurious and planet-friendly.

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6. Hydrated and Glowing Skin

Hydration is key to maintaining a healthy summer glow. Our bespoke treatments focus on nourishing and hydrating your skin to combat the drying effects of sun exposure. Opt for our luxurious facials and skincare treatments that use clean, eco-friendly products to replenish moisture and restore your skin’s natural radiance. Your skin will thank you for the extra TLC, and you’ll step out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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At Nails & Brows Mayfair, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality beauty treatments in an elegant and beautiful setting. This summer, embrace these trends and let us help you achieve the ultimate summer glow. Book your appointment today and experience the bespoke care and luxury that only our beauty boutique can offer.

You can now visit our dedicated clean beauty space located at 33 Berkeley Street, Beauty Edit Mayfair.


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